Why Manchester United Need Kroos

Toni Kroos

He Ran The Show

It was a masterful performance by the German midfield maestro as he lead his side to a comfortable 0-2 victory over Arsenal at the Emirates. He was the star of the show by all accounts. He opened up the show with a stunning strike from outside the box into the top right hand corner. It was really the first true moment of quality through out the entire game. After this he ran the game and spearheaded his team as they controlled large portions of the game. At the end of the game he had completed 147 total passes, which was just 11 short of Arsenal’s 158. This is a team that prides itself on it’s passing ability and it was just shown up single handedly by Manchester United summer target Toni Kroos.

His Best Qualities

Watching the game as a United fan made me realise  how badly we are missing a player like Kroos in the middle of the park. His play today reminded me a bit of Scholes. I am by no means saying he was as good as the great man however just implying that during the game there were glimpses where Kroos’s style and manner of play matched that of Scholsey. That I believe is possibly the highest praise I can give. His pass accuracy 96.7% and not only did he link up play well between the more wide players such as Robben and Gotze, he also was the midfield linchpin as he linked up the attacking side of the team with the engine room which was occupied by Thiago and Lahm.

Why We Need Him At Manchester United

This link up play is what we are missing at Manchester. Carrick might be a great passer of the ball but his link up play through quick passes and quick movement leaves a lot to be desired. Cleverley on the other hand is going through a personal confidence crisis which I have written about here. Fletcher has just come back from injury and he again might be a great passer and gets ‘stuck in’ , unlike Carrick however his link up play is not his strongest suit either. The only players who do link up play are Kagawa who has certainly dissapeared altogether from the United set up and Mata who is currently being deployed on the LW. The only player United use as the link up man is Rooney who despite putting in 100% on the pitch can not do it alone against the best in Europe. Thus we need a player like Kroos who can support and in time take over from Rooney, because contrary to popular belief he won’t last forever. He turns 29 this year and diet isn’t exactly the healthiest. Howver that matter is a different post altogether.

Can We Get Him

The 24 year old thus looks like the remedy to Man Utd’s current illness but can we get him? At the moment it all hangs on whether Bayern are willing to meet Kroos’s contract demands. He currently is on a £60,000 p/w contract and he demands a new one worth £150,000 p/w. Bayern are currently unwilling to meet his demands and his exit this summer looks likely at the moment with Manchester United the most likely target as they would satisfy his wage demands. So as David Moyes scouted the midfielder again, as he dominated the game vs Arsenal, his desire to sign the German must have at least trebled but what do you think? Can we get him?


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