All You Need To Know About James Wilson – The Next RvP

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Manchester United’s U21 star striker James Wilson raised more than a few eye brows by embarrassing the Wolves U21 defense, as he bagged himself a hat trick and the match ball. As surprising as it was for some, coaches and supporters who have been monitoring James’s progress will remain unhinged, the boys been doing this kind of stuff for ages.

James Wilson made his first appearance in a Red Shirt in a thrilling encounter between Manchester United U18’s vs Everton U18’s. For most 15 year old’s, simply making an appearance at such a high level, at such an early age, would be a dream come true. However Wilson made sure his debut would be a memorable one as he netted himself a debut goal, at 15! He continued to embarrass defenses through out his U18 career, with one of his victims being the Newcastle U18 defense, who he embarrassed five times! This was all still at the tender age of 16. Below is a clip of the highlights of that memorable match. (James Wilson #9, Mats Daehli #11 – currently at Cardiff, Ben Pearson #8)

What Makes Him Such a Special Player?

Still only 18, James Wislon has already cemented his spot in the Manchester United U21 side. In a club as large as Manchester United competition for spots is always high, so what separates him from the rest?

Firstly by watching his match vs the Newcastle U18’s, one thing, is obvious. The boy is quick, blisteringly quick. In a a foot race with the defenders it is inevitably him who wins. This quick acceleration allows him to easily run past his man and create space for himself.

Wilson also has a great appetite to close players down, similar to Rooney, which allows him to pressurize the defenders and stop giving them time on the ball. His hard work, blistering pace coupled with his 6ft frame makes him a tough opponent to get away from. He stops play building up from deep areas and forces players to clear their lines.

With No one In Support Wilson Closes Down The Opposition Stopping Build-UP Play.

With No one In Support Wilson Closes Down The Opposition Stopping Build-UP Play.

Not only is Wilson simply a fantastic poacher, he is also a very clever player. In the box he can make a nuisance of himself even when he does not have the ball. His constant movement irritates and discomforts defenders. However one of his best abilities is to read the game and peel off his marker at just the right time. This allows him to create shooting space for himself and we all know with his magic left foot, he doesn’t miss.

Wilson Understands that his team mate will cross in the ball and just before the cross comes in he peels away from his marker, creating space for himself.

Wilson Understands that his team mate will cross in the ball and just before the cross comes in he peels away from his marker, creating space for himself.

Talking about his finishing abilities, not only can he finish on his preferred left foot he also has a very strong right foot and due to his 6ft frame he also scores from headers. This versatility coupled with his poaching makes him a defenders nightmare, when in the box. You never now when he’ll shot or where he’ll shoot from. His composure in the box is a very unique characteristic which only a select few at his age posses. All this has helped the young English U19 international rack up 10 goals from 14 appearances this season, which also include one for his country!

What Does The Future Hold For James Wilson

Having already impressed with the U21’s the Manchester United starlet will be hoping for a place on the 2014/15 pre-season tour where he will be able to demonstrate his abilities first hand to David Moyes. This is something that Adnan Januzaj did hugely successfully, who can now call himself a Key Player in the first team.

When on tour Wilson could be played right up top, where he prefers and also on the wing, where he also excels due to his astute dribbling. However his preferred position is definitely as a Center Forward.

The young 18 year old however could also do with a loan spell, as despite all his qualities, he remains slight in frame compared to the Premier League defenders. This would make it extremely tough for him to bully defenders as he does now for the U21’s. However the bulking up may not be necessary as Januzaj has shown. Despite his slight frame the young Manchester United starlet uses his dazzling dribbling and balance to glide past defenders.

Whatever the future holds for young James Wilson, one thing is for sure. In his time, he will undoubtedly be a top class forward, who will scare Premier league defenders down to their very bones.

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