Man City Players Wages vs Man Utd Players Wages


Remember this? Robin Van Persie’s late free kick that won us the derby 2-3!

Which side pays its First team players more? Both teams are playing a 4-4-2 to keep things nice and simple so lets start off with the goalkeepers first!

Man City – Joe Hart – £90,000      Man Utd – De Gea – £75,000

Now Lets move onto the defense. We will play a Rio and Evans partnership (I have decided to not include Vidic as he will be leaving at the end of the season unfortunately)  and City with a Kompany and Nastasic partnership.

Man City – Aleksander Kolarov – £100,000      Man Utd – Patrice Evra – £90,000

Man City – Vincent Kompany – £120,000      Man Utd – Rio Ferdinand – £100,000

Man City – Nastasic – £75,000      Man Utd – Evans – £65.000

Man City – Zabaleta – £70,000      Man Utd – Rafael – £50,000

Now lets move onto the midfield. I will be play 2 Central midfielder and 2 wider players/attacking midfielders for both teams.

Man City – Samir Nasri – £140,000      Man Utd – Juan Mata – £130,000

Man City – Fernandinho – £90,000      Man Utd – Phil Jones – £50,000

Man City – Yaya Toure – £200,000      Man Utd – Michael Carrick – £80,000

Man City – David Silva – £135,000      Man Utd – Shinji Kagawa – £80,000

The strike partnership will be a RVP and Rooney for us and a Negredo and Augero for City.

Man City – Aguero – £220,000      Man Utd – Rooney – £300,000

Man City – Negredo – £100,000      Man Utd – RVP – £200,000

To make those already astonishing figures just slightly more disrespectful to us normal people is that they are earned per week! I could make endless judgments about certain players and their wages however this would turn the post into a rant. 

However to cheer you up, think about this. Arsenal which pays its players significantly less than City is top of the league which makes me happy because City aren’t however it also makes me slightly dissapointed that United aren’t! (maybe I’ll do a post regarding that)

Sometimes though the amount of money players get paid surprises me! Don’t get me wrong, I love every single one of our players! (I have a special bit extra for Shinji though) However when I start mixing the finances of football with the love for my team I get mixed emotions and am torn. On one hand I admire their work rate and skill and I understand that to become a footballer you must compromise, a lot, however on the other I wonder is it really all worth tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands a week? I am sure I am not the only one who faces this ‘dilemma’, (if you can call it one) so let me know in the comments and in the poll if you think that footballers deserve their vast fortunes or if they don’t.


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