About Me

Matt le Tissier and Paul Scholes

Southampton legend Matt Le Tisser (L) and Manchester United legend Paul Scholes (R)

My name is Rafae.

I am originally from Pakistan but recently have been living in the London for the past few years. As a result my heart is always torn on which team to support, however the Pakistani National Cricket team is the team I support! In terms of football, Pakistan does not have a noteworthy football team and thus I support the England National team! My favourite player from the England team is Danny Welbeck! I love the guy!

However one thing through out my life that has always remained constant is the football club I support! Always have and always will support Manchester United! It was my great father who introduced me to the great club, and for that action alone I am eternally grateful to him. Over time my love for the club has just grown! My favourite player of all time from Manchester United is Paul Scholes. Everything about him, just oozes class! He along with Matt le Tisser (who I truly admire) is one of the most under rated players of his generation. He never sought public accolade for his achievements, unlike most footballers. His loyalty to the club he stayed all his football career with is truly remarkable and his sheer ability and talent as a footballer just makes me love the guy! One of the items on my bucket list is to meet the great man! So if anyone know how please do get in touch!

Aside from watching sports, I also love playing music! I have taught myself how to play the piano, which personally for me was a huge accomplishment, and currently am teaching myself how to play the guitar! Both are fantastic instruments which i would whole heatedly recommend and if any of you have any questions about either of them, ask me and I’ll try my best to respond as quickly as possible, to the best of my abilities!

I started this blog, because I’m an aspiring sports journalist and before commiting myself to the profession I thought I might as well find out what it’s like to be one! I understand it’s not exactly the real full-on experience but it’s not that far off either! Well, at least I hope not, because I’m really enjoying what I’m doing and I hope I can make a career out of something like this! It would be fantastic!

If you are on of the few who have read all the way through then Congratulations for sticking around this long, as you can probably tell I’m not very good with introductions. I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen on this blog, and I hope you stick around which direction it goes! Its exciting times and I hope you are there to experience them as well!


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